Friday, December 23, 2016

Understanding What VSED Exit Can Do For You and Your Family

Voluntary stopping of eating and drinking, or VSED, is a form of assisted suicide that is commonly chosen by the elderly. It is especially enticing to the terminally ill, those that have only 6 more months to live, and to sufferers of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
For many, VSED exit is a viable option. It has no legal consequences and requires no legal permission. Here’s what’s there to understand about VSED, its impact on an elderly patient, and the family left behind.

VSED Explained
VSED is a decision made by an elderly to stop from eating and drinking with the sole purpose of death. Individuals who have stopped eating because of lack of appetite caused by an illness don’t count as VSED. Individuals who can’t eat on their own, but are rather fed through feeding tubes, are also not considered VSED.

In VSED, there has to be a voluntary choice on the part of an individual. However, because majority of VSED participants are elderly, they choose to undergo VSED with the help of healthcare professionals. Because of this, VSED is sometimes considered as an assisted suicide.
However, unlike most assisted suicide methods, VSED don’t have any legal requirements. An elderly wishing to undergo VSED doesn’t have to be proven mentally incapacitated or ill with a terminal disease. Not even a physician’s authorization or governmental action is needed. What’s needed then?

How VSED Works
An elderly however, should have the right, solid determination to go through the entire process of VSED. Support from the elderly’s family is also of utmost importance.
At a minimum, the process of VSED could end in as little as five to seven days. At most, an elderly could die after two to three weeks. The length of the VSED process varies between individuals. Age, nutritional status, and illness are factors that can speed up or slow down the dying process.
A VSED exit provides an option to hasten death through dehydration. At first, VSED goes through a smooth start. Slowly, energy levels would go down and mental alertness would slip away. By the third day without water, an elderly will alternate being in and out of consciousness. Without water though, the body can’t survive for long.

By the time symptoms of dehydration starts to show, a healthcare professional, usually a nurse, would administer shots of morphine. This is to stop the pain caused by the loss of water in the body. Mainly however, morphine is used to control discomfort for the elderly.

Making the Right Decision
The effects of a VSED exit are different in every case. While it may provide a graceful, dignified death to some, it is gruesome and painful to others. Whatever it may lead to though, the elderly should have all the support they need as they go through VSED.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Advantages of Building a House Instead of Buying

Having your house built from the ground up has its advantages compared to buying an already-built one. Here are some reasons why you should at least consider getting your dream home via this route.

1. It costs less - When you compute everything, you will be surprised that building your home actually costs less than buying one. Most ready-made homes are priced that way because other factors such as the location and the markup from both the contractor and the dealer have been added to the sticker price. If you have your home built from scratch, all you have to pay for are the materials, manpower, and processing of paperwork.

2. It allows you to personalize your home - The biggest advantage of building your home is you can customize the design according to how you want it. You can adjust all aspects of the design - from the number of floors and rooms to the type of tiling used in the bedroom and bathroom. By going this route, you can literally create your own home from scratch.

3. Everything is up-to-date - One advantage of building a house is that it is bound to be constructed using modern materials. At the same time, the overall design of your home will contain the latest technologies developed in construction over the years. Among the advantages of homes constructed with modern materials and design include better durability, improved energy efficiency, and less polluting agents.

4. Furnish it the way you want - Aside from the construction, designing your own home gives you the freedom to select the type of furniture and appliances you want to use. When you buy a house, you have to consider factors such as space or fit before purchasing appliances. That is not the case when you build a house. In fact, you can customize the design of your house to have specific features before construction.

5. There’s a different feel to it - There is a different feel to it when you have your home built from scratch. There is a different kind of satisfaction knowing that it is you and your family who are responsible for the design of your house. Once the construction is complete, and you enter the house, you’ll know right away that this is your home.

Building your house from scratch can prove very advantageous for you. Of course, it takes vision, proper planning, and working with the right contractor to turn your dream

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Overcome the Fear of Starting a Business

Starting a business of your own can be a daunting task – even if it is in an industry that you are very familiar with, or if it involves something that you have been doing for a long time. Taking the first few steps to a life of self-employment can still be scary.
Following are some tips that can help you overcome the fear of starting a business, and get your business going:

Write Your Goals Down
Simply writing down your goals can increase the likelihood of you achieving them. Determine your specific business goals, then summarize them into short sentences or a few words. This way, you will have something concrete to work on, and you won’t feel like groping in the dark. You can easily visualize written goals in your mind. You will get the clarity, sense of purpose, and direction you need to face the difficult tasks ahead.

Educate Yourself
What you may actually be afraid of is the unknown. This is just normal. The cure is simply to educate yourself. Try to learn everything you can about the business, the market, and entrepreneurship in general. There are lots of books and online articles you can read to help you get a good grasp of all aspects of your business. It can likewise be very helpful if you talk with owners of similar businesses. Ask for their advice or have them share their own experiences. This way, you will not only be better-informed; you will also realize that the challenges that you are facing are no different from others. The knowledge that you’re not alone will help reduce whatever fears you may have.

Remember Why You’re Setting Up Your Business
Recall why you are doing in. Fear may stem from losing your focus. If all the nitty-gritty of establishing a business is starting to drag you down – setting up your office, systems, and tools, and crunching numbers – just step back and take a minute to remember why you decided to put up the venture. Focusing on the “why” will bring back your passion and give you renewed strength to fight all the distractions.

Resist All Temptations to Make Excuses
You will never overcome your fears if you keep on making excuses for what you do or fail to do. Just because growing a business is foreign territory to you does not mean you cannot gain the knowledge you need to succeed. Instead of giving excuses for your shortcomings, whether perceived or not, be proactive and do what you can to gain sufficient knowledge to make your dream a reality.

Seek Help
Not all people can learn and do everything on their own. It is alright to ask for help from other people. Ask the advice of people who have been in similar situations before. Sometimes, just talking to other people can help relieve the burden you may be experiencing from running a business on your own.

Fear is not necessarily bad as it can spur you to prepare more and work harder to achieve success. However, fear of failure may overwhelm you. When it does, just let go and embrace the challenge. The benefits it will bring will surprise you.

Monday, November 28, 2016

EPA Rules and What They Mean for Real Estate Development

The US Environmental Protection Agency has an impact on practically every aspect of the economy – including real estate development. Homeowners, renters, buyers, investors and other persons concerned with real estate development are all mandated to comply with certain rules and regulations when it comes to the use and purchase of land.

The Role of EPA in Real Estate
As you know, many chemicals may be found and dumped in real estate properties. From lead in the furnishings to oil under the ground, the EPA sets standards that would regulate how property owners should deal with their real estate if any sort of environmental risk is involved.

Through such rules, the role of EPA becomes obvious: to make any contamination of real estate publicly known for the benefit of everyone who has interest in said real estate. Both buyers and sellers are now required to undergo an appropriate inquiry to find out the relative safety of the area. The purpose of EPA is not to prevent the use of real estate altogether but rather, to find out contaminant problems in order to address the issue and make it safer for its occupants.

Impact of EPA – What Real Estate Developers Should Know
The new rules of EPA add a new layer of procedure for buyers, homeowners, renters, sellers, and investors when it comes to real estate. Although it prolongs that process for the transfer of property, it undoubtedly provides an additional layer of safety for the end user. Here’s what every person in the sector should know:

Buyers should now request the following papers before pursuing purchase of property built before 1978.
·         EPA-approved pamphlet detailing the identification of lead based paint and how  to control it
·         A “Lead Warning Statement” attached to the contract and an affirmation that the seller has met the notification requirements
·         Disclosure of any known information regarding the existence of lead-based paint in the property.
·         A total of 10 days inspection for lead based paint. The inspection may be waived, lengthened, or shortened.

The same obligations are required of real estate agents who are selling homes.

If you’re renting property which was built before 1978, you should also get the following from your landlord:
·         An information pamphlet approved by the EPA
·         Disclosure of any information relating to lead-based paint in the property
·         An attachment of Lead Warning Statement in the contract.

Additional Guidelines
Around 2002, more guidelines have been released by the EPA which could put real estate developers at risk of paying liability for contaminants. Fortunately, there’s a set of guidelines accompanying this release which can help real estate developers protect themselves from liability:
·         Interviews with past and present owners to find out the possibility of contaminant release in the property
·         Review of available records regarding waste disposal, water use, spill records, and other contaminant-risk activities
·         Review of historical information about the property like department records, photographs, and previous uses of the property since it was developed
·         Presence of any environmental cleanup lies

All in all, these EPA regulations will require due diligence on the part of the real property developer with the end goal of making homes and buildings safer for people occupation.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

DIY Exterior House Painting Tips

You enjoy multiple benefits simply by painting the exterior of your house. You protect it from the damage that extreme weather conditions bring. You strengthen the exterior and prolong its life and beauty. You enhance your home’s curb appeal and raise its value.
When you decide to paint the exterior of your house yourself, consider these helpful DIY tips.
  • Plan ahead.
You have to consider the time of year. You will have a hard time making paint adhere to wet surfaces. Paint also requires ample time to dry. You have to know the weather patterns where you live so that you are able to select a time when the humidity and the probability of rain are both low.
  • Choose high quality paint.
High quality paint may be a bit more expensive upfront. In the long run, however, you will get your money’s worth. The paint will provide better coverage. It also lasts longer; you will not have to repaint again and again.
  • Prep the landscape.
Painting is certain to be messy. Protect any vegetation on the ground by covering the area. Transfer all grills, hoses, and outdoor furniture. Cover up those which cannot be moved by using drop cloth. Make sure that you wrap the covers securely around the items or to weigh them down efficiently so they stay in place.
  • Prep the surface.
If the surface is coarse, uneven, or dirty, you will have a hard time getting the paint to adhere. Make sure you get a clean solid surface by doing the necessary prep work.
Remove all chalky residue, grime, dirt, and mildew from the surface. You can use a power sprayer for this. You can also use a stiff-bristle brush to hand-scrub the surface.
You can only paint over previously painted surfaces if the surface is smooth and in good condition. Remove old paint that has flaked off or blistered.
Make sure that all the nail heads are below the surface. Tap them down using a hammer-and-nail set. Use exterior-grade putty to seal the holes. Sand the putty once it is completely cured.
If you apply new caulk around the trim, doors, and windows, see to it that the caulk you use is paintable.
If you are working over some bare wood, make sure that you prime the wood prior to painting.
Use painter’s tape and plastic sheeting to cover all the lighting fixtures, windows, and doors.
  • Replace rotten wood.
Rotten wood will continue to weaken even if you paint over it. You have to replace all rotten wood trim or siding. If the area is small, you can opt to apply a wood hardener and wood filler. Prep and sand the new parts before you apply paint.
  • Apply primer.
Before you apply your chosen color coats, make sure that you apply good quality primer. You can also opt to get the more expensive newer technology all-in-one primer-and-paint products that will reduce the total number of coats you need to apply.
  • Work your way down from the top.
Let gravity work with you by painting your way from top to bottom. Painting this way will help you to manage streaks and deal with mishaps better.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What Is the Role of a Real Estate Developer?

Real estate is a booming business. An industry that’s easily worth billions of dollars, competition in this field is strong. Critical in the development of this industry is the role of the real estate developer. This article will put a spotlight in the many roles that the real estate developer plays.

1.   Securing of legal documents - There are many legal documents that must be passed before any type of construction project is approved. One of the most important roles of the real estate developer is to ensure that all such papers are adequately accomplished. Before construction starts, all legal, regulatory, and statutory clearances must be cleared. Title deeds and legal dues for each projects should also be secured.

2.   Securing of finances - It is also the job of the real estate developer to ensure that the necessary funds for developing a company’s different projects are prepared. Aside from securing finances from both investors and financing institutions, the developer should also ensure that all loans and interests are properly accounted for.

3.   Pricing of projects - Setting prices is also the responsibility of the real estate developer in charge. There are many factors involved in determining the price of a property: the amount of money invested in its development, the target market for such properties, and the economic environment. Proper pricing ensures that the company gets sufficient profit on each sale while getting each unit sold as quickly as possible.

4.   Quality control - It is the responsibility of the real estate developer to ensure the quality of each project. They must see to it that each project gets completed according to both the plan and the schedule. At the same time, developers should also see to it that constructions are done at the best possible quality, ensuring that no investment gets wasted by subpar work.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What Qualities Does a Person Need to Become an Entrepreneur?

Everyone wants to be a great entrepreneur, but not everyone has what it takes to be one. While it takes the right opportunity and a little bit of luck, you can groom yourself to become a great businessman. Here are some qualities a person must have to become an entrepreneur.

1. Passion - To become successful in any venture, you must have the passion for it. It is arguably the most important trait you must have to succeed in this field. When you have a genuine love for what you are doing, everything is not a burden to you. You do everything you can to make your business succeed, and you do it for reasons that go beyond profit.
2. Confidence- As an entrepreneur, you got to be confident, both on yourself but also on your people. You got to see every single event, even obstacles and failures, as an opportunity to grow and improve. You also got to be confident enough with your abilities to make each of your ventures successful.
3. Creativity- This is another trait possessed by people who end up becoming great entrepreneurs. They see opportunities where others don’t. They are also innovative, resourceful, and willing to think outside the box. Without taking unnecessary risks, creative people find ways to put their businesses in a better position to succeed.
4. Discipline- The best entrepreneurs know that they should be disciplined enough to see the fruits of their labor. They are 100% focused on accomplishing their goals, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. This level of discipline will then trickle down from them to the people they work with.
5. People Skills- An entrepreneur understands that he/she cannot do it alone if he/she wants to achieve success. The entrepreneur knows how to communicate. Great communication skills means you can sell products better, motivate your people better, and engage people from outside your business better.
6. Work ethic- If you want to be the best entrepreneur, you can never afford to be lazy. The best businessmen never rest on their laurels; always seeking for ways to further improve in their craft. They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their goals are accomplished. When you work hard and work smart, success is just around the corner.

Those are just some of the qualities you must have to become an entrepreneur. Develop these traits and you improve your chances of prospering in this field.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tips for Selecting the Right Real Estate Development Partner

Finding the right business partner is crucial in any venture. Real estate development requires a specific skill set, so it is important to ensure you find partners with optimal qualifications. Here are a few tips to help you select the best partners for your projects.
A developer's history and previous experience are incredibly valuable. You want to find someone who has significant knowledge about this field. Additionally, someone with a broad history will have the necessary relationships in place to propel projects forward.
A qualified partner should be professional and have excellent management skills. He should have the ability to make sure projects come in on schedule and within budget. Efficient and effective management is necessary for a successful and profitable development.
This characteristic is often overlooked. However, it is extremely valuable. Real estate developers sometimes need to "think outside of the box." They must be skilled problem solvers. This requires a person to use their creativity to seek new ways of problem solving.
Remember that any partner you select will likely be in your life for an extended period of time. You want to make sure your personalities mesh well together. It would be difficult to work with someone whom you do not like.   

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Importance of Role Models for Senior Citizens

As people age, they tend to find new and different role models. There are many common role models for older people. Often, these role models are individuals who could easily retire. However, instead they continue working and remain active, making them great role models for the elderly. They prove that people can still be very productive in their “old age.” Typical role models for seniors include the presidential candidates, other politicians, and well known people of an older age.

Why is it important to have role models, even in the "golden years?"
We are often concerned about young people having great role models to help influence the direction of their lives.. Older people and people of all ages still need role models. These role models show elderly people that life can be full at any age. They encourage senior citizens to go out and do interesting things. It's not necessarily about doing anything extravagant. People can do simple things to live life to the fullest. We are all here on this earth until check out time, why not make the best of it and live it to the best of our abilities? Famous people like presidential candidates lead very spirited lives. They spend a lot of time working and traveling for debates, appearances, speeches, etc. People such as, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and many other people stay very active doing these things. Just because a person is older, doesn't mean they should give up. There are more doors to be opened and new things to do.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ideas for a DIY Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen need not be costly and complicated. One can alter the appearance of his kitchen by changing things up by himself.

Engaging in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, however, may take up more time because there are no assistants, carpenters, painters, and foremen involved. It is just the kitchen owner who will be working by himself.

Despite this, a kitchen owner will be delighted to remodel his kitchen DIY-style because everything will be done according to what he wants. He just has to be patient and persevering because DIY remodeling is a slow step-by-step process.

The overall feel of the kitchen can be altered by repainting it. Gone are the days when a color scheme had to be followed. Kitchen walls and fixtures can now have varying colors to provide a contrasting effect.

A different kind of stain may be applied to wooden furniture. A kitchen owner may choose to use a gray, white, black, or colored stain to make his wooden furniture look brand spanking new.

The lighting of a kitchen can be changed from daylight to incandescent or LED. Window blinds may be installed to match the new colors of the kitchen.

Changing the knobs and pulls of kitchen cabinets will also make a difference. A wooden knob can be replaced with an art deco type while a metallic pull can be replaced with a colored kind.

A kitchen owner can install a custom backsplash made of tiles, adhesive material, or metal sheeting. Adhesive tiles or linoleum may be installed to spruce up the kitchen floor.

Other DIY kitchen projects include making a wooden or concrete countertop, adding wooden or glass shelves, and transforming an antique side table into a storage space.

A kitchen owner may opt to overhaul his cabinets by doing away with the panels to have open shelves instead. He can also install numerous rails, hooks, and racks on the walls and ceiling to hold lightweight utensils.

DIY projects may be challenging because they require creativity, resourcefulness, and patience. But, once completed, DIY projects serve as personal achievements and sources of fulfillment.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports all over the world. Everyone who picks up a ball dreams of becoming the next Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or LeBron James. But not everyone is fortunate enough to reach their skill level.
But those who get to play the game regularly are fortunate as well. Basketball is good for you in many ways. It’s a great way to spend your free time and get together with friends and fellow basketball lovers. It also teaches you how to be a team player and keeps youngsters from going to the so-called dark side. Most importantly, it’s good for the body. Basketball has many health benefits. Here are just a few of them:
Good for the Heart
The game requires you to keep running and jumping. Basically, the longer you stay on the court, the more you move your body. This will keep your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular health.
Builds Muscles
The running, jumping, and changes in directions focus on certain muscles or muscle groups in the legs and thighs. The act of shooting, especially those from long range, builds the muscles in the arms.
Burns Calories
Average-sized people (165 pounds or more) can burn around 600 to 750 calories if they play basketball for an hour. Those who weigh around 250 pounds can burn up to 900 calories during the same period.
Builds Endurance
The more often you play, the more your endurance improves. And the longer you play during a game, the more your body gets used to prolonged physical activity, which is useful in everyday life.
Strengthens Bones
Activities that involve weight-bearing helps improve bone density, thus strengthening them. The more you play basketball, the stronger your bones get.
Relieves Stress
Doing something you love will help take your mind off anything that bothers you. Plus, the endorphins released while playing helps put you in a better mood and get rid of stress.
There are other benefits of playing basketball. It boosts your immune system and mental development. Your motor skills and coordination improve. Basketball allows you to become more aware of your own body while developing concentration and self-discipline at the same time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Adoption Abroad-5 Most Popular Countries from which to Adopt

If you’re thinking of adopting a child from a different country, you’re not alone. Every year, hundreds of American couples form international families by adopting children from practically any country. Aside from a genuine passion to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing home for these children, every couple has a different reason for looking abroad for a foster child.
That said, here are the five most common countries American couples adopt from.
China’s highest recorded number of adoptions was 7,093 in 2005. The numbers may have dropped to less than half — 2,306 by 2013 — by now, but China still remains one of the more popular choices for international adoption. They only allow married couples to adopt, except for single women looking to foster a special-needs child.
Thailand makes it to the list as one of the countries with the easiest and cheapest adoption systems. Legal fees alone are less than a thousand bucks — already a point for Thailand — and anecdotal evidence suggests it takes half the time to complete all the necessary paperwork and documentation in Thailand than it does in the U.S.  
While Uganda’s adoption system is relatively easier than America’s, there are a number of specific requirements for the adoptive parents. For instance, there is a residency requirement that necessitates prospective foster parents to live at least three years in Uganda with their potential adoptive son/daughter. A judge may waive this prerequisite. Uganda also allows both married and single people to adopt.  
It’s important to note that gay/homosexual couples and individuals may find it more difficult to adopt a child from Uganda, due to the country’s prejudice and publicly negative views on homosexuality. Other than that, Uganda’s numbers have risen from an impressive 1 adoption in 2000 to 276 adoptions in 2013.
As of 2013, adoption numbers from Colombia were recorded at 195. The adoption process is governed by The Hague Adoption Convention, which means it’s a little more traditionally regulated compared to others. Regardless, hopeful foster parents can be found eligible to adopt, provided they meet the necessary requirements: at least 21 years of age and found to be “physically and emotionally” capable of fostering and raising a child. They must also meet basic income prerequisites in order to fully provide for their foster child.
Hailed as a country with one of the oldest and most efficient adoption systems — they started back in 1960 — there remains, to this day, a significant need for international adoptive families in South Korea. Children 6 months old and above are available for adoption — as are children with special needs. However, statistics reveal that boys age 6 to 9 are the ones most in need of foster homes.  
Some of the prerequisites for potential adoptive parents are: They should have been married (they do not approve single parents) for at least three years, and two parental visits per week before actual adoption is approved. South Korea also does not let children below the age of 2 leave the country.  

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida

When did you last visit a museum in Florida? People love Florida for its awesome climate, friendly community, and beautiful beaches. However, only a few people know that the Sunshine State also has some of the best museums in the country. Cliff Davis, a longtime resident of the Tampa St. Petersburg area, has some recommendations regarding the local museums. St. Petersburg Florida is known for its thriving art community. Here, we will highlight just one of the many amazing art museums in St. Pete.
The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida
This museum, established by Margaret Stuart, and opened in 1965, plays host to thousands of items dating from the era of antiquity to the present day. It is home to great pieces of art, including works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, and Paul Cézanne. It also has a attractive sculpture garden, which means you can enjoy the outdoors while marveling at stunning sculptures that line the garden. Furthermore, it has an extensive photography collection that will amaze you.
The success of this museum encouraged its management to expand the space to accommodate more people and art collections. In December 2006, the management team embarked on an expansion program that cost $21 million. Because of this expansion, the museum doubled its size. At present the complex has a huge library, a café, and an amazing museum shop. As you can tell, this museum has everything you need if you love art. It has paintings, photographs, sculptures, a picturesque café, a library focusing on art, and a place where you can buy artwork.
The next time you visit St. Petersburg and want to experience some of the arts, consider a trip to this museum

Friday, September 30, 2016

A Redevelopment Success Story - Discovery Business campus

A dilapidated, vacant semiconductor campus in Arizona did not seem like a good redevelopment project. Most developers would not even consider this property. However, one developer saw potential and after a lot of hard work, turned the property into an amazing business campus. What was once a dated semi conductor campus, is now Discovery business campus, a mixed-use business park.

The buildings and infrastructure were significantly outdated. The redevelopment began by modernizing the buildings and completely redesigning much of the infrastructure. They created large open floor plans with skylights and plenty of natural light. They included individual and collaborative workspaces. They built a large retail space that included five restaurants. Every aspect of this redevelopment was intended to appeal to the modern business.

Landscaping is another area where much focus was placed. They added many trees to the property and outdoor meeting areas. They hired a well-known sculptor to create artwork to display around the campus. They created large archways and some new roads. The developers worked with nearby neighborhoods and businesses to ensure the park would have a positive impact on the community.

The Discovery business campus is now fully operational and leased. The developer took a significant chance on this property, and it paid off. They looked at the size and ideal location of the property, rather than the current condition of the buildings. This notable redevelopment project is a success story that many people thought was impossible.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why is Family Mealtime Important?

Everyone is so busy. It can often be difficult to find time for a family meal. This is especially true if you have teen and/or school-aged children. Conflicting schedules create obstacles for a number of families. However, it is crucial to make family mealtime a priority. There are immense benefits for your family's mental and physical health, when you make the time to sit down and eat together.
Mealtime offers a great opportunity for you to touch base with family members. You can check in on their mood and discuss the significant events of the day. It is important that there are limited distractions during this time. In other words, turn off the TV and devices so everyone can focus on interacting with each other.
From a health standpoint, you can make sure your family is eating properly. Keep in mind that you do not need to have a four-course meal to take advantage of this time with your loved ones. A simple meal is sufficient. It is helpful for you to know what your children are eating. If you rarely have meals with them, it is difficult to keep track of their diet. This may be particularly important if you have a child with health or weight problems.
Research shows that family meal time increases positive social skills, school engagement and decreases the frequency of negative behaviors In children. About 50% of Americans have family meal time five nights per week. However, the other half eats together much less often.
Make family mealtime a priority in your life. If you are unable to commit long term, try it for a few weeks and experience the positive impact for yourself. It may not always be easy to schedule this time, but it is well worth the effort.  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

CCIM Tech Platform Advancements

"CCIM" refers to a Certified Commercial Investment Member. This Is a notable and recognized expert in the field of commercial and investment real estate. The title is given to an individual by the CCIM Institute. A CCIM is considered a resource for the commercial real estate owner, investor, and user. CCIMs are required to be proficient in investment analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis and financial analysis for commercial real estate. CCIM members can access a variety of online technology tools through the CCIM website. They can also post properties for sale or lease properties through this platform.  
Recently, there have been some technological advancements added to the CCIM exchange. Ten-X is one of the many tech tools available to CCIM members. CCIM practitioners have complete access to a large library of tech tools to help them conduct business. STDB, a key industry source for data is now included in the list of tools. This includes:  
  • ESRI’s Business Analyst Online (BAO) and ArcGIS, offering demographic and psychographic analysis. This helps to determine demand for particular space in any given property type. Additionally, it incorporates mapping, traffic counts, crime rates and business locations.
  • Access to an aerial photography tool called Pictometry.
  • Business Lists-This allows members to locate names, addresses and contact information for local businesses. It helps in creating marketing campaigns, and can assist in analysis of supply for site selection.
  • REI Wise is an advanced spreadsheet analysis software. It is used to perform lease-versus-lease and investment analyses for commercial real estate decisions.
  • Flood Maps are available to help members identify flood zones during site selection.
These improvements to the CCIM platform are making headlines. Those who are not members should take note and make use of these tools on their own. Technology is a growing part of the real estate industry. In order to stay on top of your game, it is crucial to remain informed and up-to-date on the latest tech advancements.   

Monday, September 12, 2016

Exercise Reduces Healthcare Costs

Need more motivation to work out? a recent study found that normal workouts are connected with reduced healthcare costs for coronary illness patients.  
The patients who participated in regular activity for 30 minutes, no less than five times each week saved around $2,500 in yearly health care costs, the study found.  
Furthermore, those who exercise regularly but are without coronary illness may encounter lower costs, as per the study in the Journal of the American Heart Association.  

For optimal cardiovascular well being, the American Heart Association suggests 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week, or if nothing else 25 minutes of high-impact exercise three days a week, or a blend of the two.  
Moderate movement causes a light sweat, or a slight increase in breathing and heart rate. Examples include activities like brisk walking, lawn mowing, or cleaning. More intense activities incorporate things like running or jogging, lap swimming or vigorous exercise.  
Despite the fact that getting 150 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity every week is connected with decreased problems and deaths from coronary illness, approximately 66% of these patients still neglect to get this much exercise.  
We know that having a consistent exercise routine provides numerous benefits. Reduced healthcare costs are just one of the many reasons to have a regular exercise routine. Those with heart conditions should be especially motivated to get the recommended amount of physical activity.