Monday, May 15, 2017

The Benefits of Juicing

Juicing is the process of extracting liquid from fruits or vegetables. Their pure extracts contain plant chemicals (phytonutrients), minerals and vitamins. Ninety-five of enzymes, minerals and vitamins are usually found in raw fruits or vegetables juice. These essential nutrients rapidly enter the bloodstream and gives rest to your digestive system by eliminating the need to break down fibers.
The benefits of juicing are:
It helps the body absorb more nutrients from vegetables and fruits- The recommended intake is 6-8 servings a day. Juicing helps you reach this target. A glass of fresh extract can provide the necessary amount.
It helps you “pre-digest” vegetables and fruits. Over the years, your digestive system may be impaired due to unhealthy food choices. It usually results to inability of the body to absorb all the necessary nutrients. Juicing helps your body well-nourished.
It promotes the proliferation of helpful bacteria which keeps gut in excellent condition. Light green, yellow and dark green vegetables are good sources of these good bacteria (prebiotics). Juicing banana and leek significantly increased these prebiotics.
It aids in lowering cholesterol levels. Juicing dark green vegetables and fruits such as lemon, bitter melon, celery, ginger, cucumber and capsicum (peppers) helps lower high level of cholesterol.
It assists in lowering blood sugar level. Juicing is good for diabetics or suffering from pre-diabetic condition. Juicing fruits and vegetables reduce the level of bad cholesterol. Beneficial fruits are grapefruit, oranges, lemon and pomegranates. Spinach, broccoli, celery, onion and ginger are the recommended vegetables.
It helps fight cancer. Juicing is now a popular part of alternative medication to ward off or fight this dreaded illness. A daily intake of more than 3 cups of vegetables and 2-3 cups of fruits is recommended to prevent cancer. Juice is easier compared to eating large quantity of whole vegetables and fruits. It nourishes the body of patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and other medical procedures. Juicing helps in the easy absorption of anti-cancer nutrients.
It aids in the detoxification process. Juicing is an important component of cleansing the accumulated toxins in the body. Juice flushes out wastes and toxic materials fast while keeping the body nourished with essential nutrients.
It keeps your skin healthy. Juicing helps you absorb essential nutrients to keep your skin glowing and supple.
It aids in weight loss. Juice keeps your body brimming with powerful natural nutrients which speed up metabolism.
It enhances athletic performance. Juicing green, leafy vegetables increases the ability of the body to perform. One particular vegetable which can instantaneously boost athlete’s performance is beet or beet juice. It improves the endurance of muscles, increase oxygen level and “de-stiffen” blood vessels.
It boosts energy. Eating lots of foods to sustain the energy of the body usually brings lethargic feeling. Juicing provides the same nutrients without making you feel sleepy or heavy after every meal.
It improves sleep. Sleep is necessary to repair cells and recharge depleted energy. Juicing helps your body take a rest faster instead of working or digesting foods after meal.

So, if you want safe, instant, healthy and tasty way towards excellent health, begin the habit of juicing fruits and vegetables.