Thursday, March 2, 2017

How Stem Cell Treatment Can Help The Elderly

Stem cell treatment was introduced to the public only a couple of decades ago. Many experiments have amounted to trials and errors but still, the efforts have been very productive. This medicinal breakthrough has evolved over the years to promote health and cell regeneration. The process requires only a certain amount of stem cells from the same patient.
Scientists and medical researchers have found a way to link this discovery to many illnesses. These include complex health problems like Alzheimer’s and diabetes, which are commonly present in elderly people. The success rate of this operation has been notably higher in younger subjects but research continues on for the benefit of the elderly. This is because old people already have health limits and are often exempted from these experiments. However, researchers believe that the benefits of stem cell therapy should be made available for all ages. Stem cell treatment has been known to have a positive effect on degenerative diseases. A good example is its effects on patients with Alzheimer’s.
Alzheimer’s disease is a developmental illness that starts from small symptoms. These symptoms can worsen over time and were also thought to be irreversible. The effects of Alzheimer’s on patients have been observed over the years. For starters, microscopic changes slowly form in the brain’s nerve cell. They form tangles and twists, like some kind of protein material build up in thick clumps. This inhibits the distribution of necessary nutrients, therefore causing the disease. Fortunately, successful stem cell treatments can slow down this process or even possibly reverse it.
This treatment is also known to provide relief from bone defects. These defects can either be developed from birth or attained from old age. The most common bone disease is osteoporosis. Researchers recently found out that stem cell treatment eliminates the need for fatal and complex surgeries. In this process, the cells are gathered from the bone marrow or fat of the patient. This is then injected into the affected body part experiencing the pain. A lot of other bone-related diseases can also be cured by this procedure, including sports injuries and arthritis.
Most of the elderly population experience chronic pain as well. Undergoing stem cell treatment does not only provide relief but also strengthens the bone and muscle structures. Successful procedures can enhance ligaments, tendons, and possibly other organs of the body. This has been proven in elderly patients who have experienced a heart attack. A patient who had prior heart problems can have severe heart attacks that can be fatal. Treating this will require regenerating tissue from other parts of the patient’s body. This will then be injected into the damaged area of the heart using an apparatus.
Over the years, stem cell treatment has been linked to aid in concerns related to health and beauty. The results have been a great and revolutionary success for people of all ages. With the increase in stem cell treatment’s success rate, elderly people can be provided with longer and more enjoyable lives.