Friday, December 23, 2016

Understanding What VSED Exit Can Do For You and Your Family

Voluntary stopping of eating and drinking, or VSED, is a form of assisted suicide that is commonly chosen by the elderly. It is especially enticing to the terminally ill, those that have only 6 more months to live, and to sufferers of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
For many, VSED exit is a viable option. It has no legal consequences and requires no legal permission. Here’s what’s there to understand about VSED, its impact on an elderly patient, and the family left behind.

VSED Explained
VSED is a decision made by an elderly to stop from eating and drinking with the sole purpose of death. Individuals who have stopped eating because of lack of appetite caused by an illness don’t count as VSED. Individuals who can’t eat on their own, but are rather fed through feeding tubes, are also not considered VSED.

In VSED, there has to be a voluntary choice on the part of an individual. However, because majority of VSED participants are elderly, they choose to undergo VSED with the help of healthcare professionals. Because of this, VSED is sometimes considered as an assisted suicide.
However, unlike most assisted suicide methods, VSED don’t have any legal requirements. An elderly wishing to undergo VSED doesn’t have to be proven mentally incapacitated or ill with a terminal disease. Not even a physician’s authorization or governmental action is needed. What’s needed then?

How VSED Works
An elderly however, should have the right, solid determination to go through the entire process of VSED. Support from the elderly’s family is also of utmost importance.
At a minimum, the process of VSED could end in as little as five to seven days. At most, an elderly could die after two to three weeks. The length of the VSED process varies between individuals. Age, nutritional status, and illness are factors that can speed up or slow down the dying process.
A VSED exit provides an option to hasten death through dehydration. At first, VSED goes through a smooth start. Slowly, energy levels would go down and mental alertness would slip away. By the third day without water, an elderly will alternate being in and out of consciousness. Without water though, the body can’t survive for long.

By the time symptoms of dehydration starts to show, a healthcare professional, usually a nurse, would administer shots of morphine. This is to stop the pain caused by the loss of water in the body. Mainly however, morphine is used to control discomfort for the elderly.

Making the Right Decision
The effects of a VSED exit are different in every case. While it may provide a graceful, dignified death to some, it is gruesome and painful to others. Whatever it may lead to though, the elderly should have all the support they need as they go through VSED.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Advantages of Building a House Instead of Buying

Having your house built from the ground up has its advantages compared to buying an already-built one. Here are some reasons why you should at least consider getting your dream home via this route.

1. It costs less - When you compute everything, you will be surprised that building your home actually costs less than buying one. Most ready-made homes are priced that way because other factors such as the location and the markup from both the contractor and the dealer have been added to the sticker price. If you have your home built from scratch, all you have to pay for are the materials, manpower, and processing of paperwork.

2. It allows you to personalize your home - The biggest advantage of building your home is you can customize the design according to how you want it. You can adjust all aspects of the design - from the number of floors and rooms to the type of tiling used in the bedroom and bathroom. By going this route, you can literally create your own home from scratch.

3. Everything is up-to-date - One advantage of building a house is that it is bound to be constructed using modern materials. At the same time, the overall design of your home will contain the latest technologies developed in construction over the years. Among the advantages of homes constructed with modern materials and design include better durability, improved energy efficiency, and less polluting agents.

4. Furnish it the way you want - Aside from the construction, designing your own home gives you the freedom to select the type of furniture and appliances you want to use. When you buy a house, you have to consider factors such as space or fit before purchasing appliances. That is not the case when you build a house. In fact, you can customize the design of your house to have specific features before construction.

5. There’s a different feel to it - There is a different feel to it when you have your home built from scratch. There is a different kind of satisfaction knowing that it is you and your family who are responsible for the design of your house. Once the construction is complete, and you enter the house, you’ll know right away that this is your home.

Building your house from scratch can prove very advantageous for you. Of course, it takes vision, proper planning, and working with the right contractor to turn your dream

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Overcome the Fear of Starting a Business

Starting a business of your own can be a daunting task – even if it is in an industry that you are very familiar with, or if it involves something that you have been doing for a long time. Taking the first few steps to a life of self-employment can still be scary.
Following are some tips that can help you overcome the fear of starting a business, and get your business going:

Write Your Goals Down
Simply writing down your goals can increase the likelihood of you achieving them. Determine your specific business goals, then summarize them into short sentences or a few words. This way, you will have something concrete to work on, and you won’t feel like groping in the dark. You can easily visualize written goals in your mind. You will get the clarity, sense of purpose, and direction you need to face the difficult tasks ahead.

Educate Yourself
What you may actually be afraid of is the unknown. This is just normal. The cure is simply to educate yourself. Try to learn everything you can about the business, the market, and entrepreneurship in general. There are lots of books and online articles you can read to help you get a good grasp of all aspects of your business. It can likewise be very helpful if you talk with owners of similar businesses. Ask for their advice or have them share their own experiences. This way, you will not only be better-informed; you will also realize that the challenges that you are facing are no different from others. The knowledge that you’re not alone will help reduce whatever fears you may have.

Remember Why You’re Setting Up Your Business
Recall why you are doing in. Fear may stem from losing your focus. If all the nitty-gritty of establishing a business is starting to drag you down – setting up your office, systems, and tools, and crunching numbers – just step back and take a minute to remember why you decided to put up the venture. Focusing on the “why” will bring back your passion and give you renewed strength to fight all the distractions.

Resist All Temptations to Make Excuses
You will never overcome your fears if you keep on making excuses for what you do or fail to do. Just because growing a business is foreign territory to you does not mean you cannot gain the knowledge you need to succeed. Instead of giving excuses for your shortcomings, whether perceived or not, be proactive and do what you can to gain sufficient knowledge to make your dream a reality.

Seek Help
Not all people can learn and do everything on their own. It is alright to ask for help from other people. Ask the advice of people who have been in similar situations before. Sometimes, just talking to other people can help relieve the burden you may be experiencing from running a business on your own.

Fear is not necessarily bad as it can spur you to prepare more and work harder to achieve success. However, fear of failure may overwhelm you. When it does, just let go and embrace the challenge. The benefits it will bring will surprise you.